Surgical Excision of a Skin Lesion

As part of our mole screening process, the excision of a concerning mole or lesion may be recommended as the most appropriate action. If this is the case, a member of our medical team will inform you of this recommendation, and an excision will be arranged for you through one of our partnered surgeons.  Please note that if there is a lesion on the face that requires removal, you will be referred to Prof. Paul Redmond to discuss the procedure, alternative options, and possible scarring.

There are a number of factors that may flag a lesion as concerning, and therefore may be put forward for an excision.

Asymmetry – one half of the lesion does not match the other

Border – the outline of the lesion is ragged or blurred, it is not smooth and round.

Colour – it is not uniform in colour, it is uneven.

Diameter – the lesion is great than 6mm, or ¼ inch.

Evolving – the lesion has become itchy, has bled, or has changed in anyway relating to the above factors.

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